Roving Character available for hire, based in Queensland

These once dormant statues are now living as they move from their own two dimensions and into our three dimensions. As stationary ART or movement ART they will always attract attention. From pavements to parks, the art now follows you

' Busker with Violin ' -

The busker sculpture plays a yellow violin. At his feet sits his vibrant yellow case with his takings for the week.

‘Gardener in Thought' -

This stoned gardener (with all due respect to gardeners) is propped up by his purple shovel and ponders life's intricacies.

‘Fisherman and his rod’

Happily fishing, this chap is a sight for sore eyes. Has he something on the end of his line? Or has he got hooked on something himself?

‘Waiter Waiting' -

2 stoned waiters doing a hell-of-a-lot-of waiting with tray & napkin.

‘Elvis’ -

A stoned Elvis moving as you have never seen him move before. The only splash of colour is his blue ‘suede’ shoes and Guitar.