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Celebrity available for hire, based in Victoria

Obsessed by sport as a kid, Hayley Warner didn't do anything really musical until she was 12, but once she started, that was it. "I never thought I could sing at all until I was like 13 and someone said ‘Oh, you’re pretty cool”, and then I just sort of discovered it and kept working on it," says 17-year-old Hayley, who is currently the frontwoman of the second band she's been in, Bleached Academy.

Bleached Academy have just released an EP but the band action's on hold while Hayley takes her shot at Idol, which she says her band's very supportive of. A mention on Idol has already resulted in 4000 new friend requests for Bleached Academy on MySpace, which they're understandably pleased about.

Leaving school in Year 10 to work and concentrate on music was a no brainer for this girl from Southern Sydney. "I didn’t really enjoy school, I never sort of fitted in," Hayley says. "I only really went for the sport, recess and lunch.”

As to where she inherited her musical talents from, Hayley says her family certainly aren't the culprits. "Other people in my family have no rhythmic bones in their body," she laughs. "Mum can’t hold a tune, neither can Dad. [Brother and sister] Josh and Brittany, just atrocious."

Hayley was an absolute amazing standout performer in the Australian Idol Top 12. She built a huge and loyal following in a very short time and her high energy performances earned her massive credit. Many people had said she is the female version of superstar, Robbie Williams. Warner said her main ambition during the idol journey was "not to be boring" and she certainly succeeded in that. Warner has been described as a vocal "powerhouse" whose breathtaking performances displayed her versatility in range & emotion. Hayley's interpretation of Pink's "Fun House" not only got her a standing ovation on Australian Idol but also scored her a "Rexona Moment". Idol judge, "Dicko" Dickson described her as "possibly the coolest 17-year old girl in the southern hemisphere. She may have been narrowly beaten by Stan Walker at the finale, but Hayley was granted a record contract with Sony Music.