Circus available for hire, based in South Australia

In 2009 Hand2Hand completed training at Cirkidz, at Circus Oz and underwent a national tour of their current repertoire.

Mostly doing fly in fly out gigs in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Port Douglas for Cirque Mystique Hand2Hand have become a regular part of Lion Nathan's leadership Program performing a 6 minute duo hand-balancing act and then delivering a 20 minute trust workshop where participants get to experience the physical trust that acrobats work with everyday in the circus.

Hand2hand are:

Daniel Aubin (Flyer)

Daniel is a former national gymnast of the Olympic Training Centre in Canada. He has worked in theatre, film, stunts, festivals, special events and circus for the past 10 years.

From 2000-2005 Daniel toured Europe, Asia and North America with the award winning Acromaniacs. He now resides in Adelaide, Australia, performing with Hand2Hand Acrobats. He teaches circus and physical theatre at a number of tertiary institutions and is the current Artistic Director of Cirkidz Youth Circus School.

Triton Tunis-Mitchell (base)

Triton was caught by trying to balance on the Hills-Hoist clothesline at age 5. His mother did the right thing and put him in the circus. Growing up as a junior performer he made a successful transition to professiotnal performance a little over 10 years ago.

Triton has also studied physiotherapy and now splits his time between his inner city sports and dance injuries clinic, performance, and teaching of acrobatics at a variety of centres around Adelaide.

Show options include:

“2 Strong Men” (Hand-Balancing Act; 6 mins)

An amazing display of strength, balance and dynamic circus stunts. These two experienced artists flow from one seemingly impossible balance to the next. In this piece Hand2Hand demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the human body. Whether balancing on one arm or flipping over each other, these acrobats share a laugh with each other and the audience. A surprise change of music presents a distraction for these characters as they build towards their spectacular finale. Teamwork, trust and confidence are essential.

“Throwing Things” (Acrobatic Juggling Act; 8 mins)

Throwing Things is a fun and innovative blend of acrobatics and club juggling. Steals, passes and dynamic stunts are sewn together with clever choreography and sharp wit. These characters will tussle for your attention and come out of the fray with an exciting new visual spectacle. Precision, timing and teamwork are features of this captivating piece.

‘Trust Workshop’ (15-60 minute options)

Today’s working environment requires the integration of varied skills from many team members. In this workshop, simple and fun exercises are clearly relayed by expert circus and education trainers. Participants work in partners, small groups and all together to create balances and solve creative puzzles using only their body. This workshop is sure to build trust and cohesion in any team.

Some clients H2H have performed for:

Cirque Mystique for Lion Nathan Limited – Sydney

Adelaide Festival of Arts Persian Gardens

Big Day Out

Channel 10

Australia's Got Talent

Adelaide Fringe Garden of Unearthly Delights, Umbrella Revolution

National Circus Festival, Tasmania