Violinist, singer and songwriter Sophie Serafino is a pioneer in the music industry. Violinists are meant to have a certain sound, they’re meant to look a certain way, and they most certainly stick to similar genre. Well, that’s what we’re used to. Make an impression at your next event with this innovative performer. Sophie performs with dance backing track, or with live musicians. A choreographed act perfect for gala events, corporate functions, launches & club events- small to large scale productions.

Sophie Serafino is a violinist, also a singer and songwriter, with a unique blend of pop music. The style evolved after years of experimentation with many musical genres, has been described as entirely unique. Sophie mixes world music and impressionistic sounds with funk, dance and classically inspired strings Sophie Serafino's solo act has taken her to high profile events, venues and clubs nationally throughout Australia and internationally to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Casablanca, Bahrain, Dubai, Delhi and Los Angeles.

Sophie performs with backing tracks or with live musicians on request, with her acoustic violin or her SV200 Yamaha Electric. She is also an experienced improviser and works with DJs all over the world, also as a roving show amongst guests- a versatile performer.

Sophie uses electric or amplified acoustic- whatever suits your occasion. Sophie is an experienced performer and has been described as a dynamic choreographed violin act - no one with a violin moves like Sophie!

Performing her own arrangements of the famous classics and her own original compositions, there is nothing out there on the market that looks, sounds and moves like this violinist. With over ten years of dance training, and more than 18 years experience on stage, Sophie commands the stage with power and charisma.

Aside from her own compositions, Sophie's repertoire includes:

Bach's Toccata & Fugue/Badanerie - Carmen Fantasy – Czardas - Ravel’s Bolero

Summertime - Novacek’s Moto Perpetuo

Bohemian Rhapsody– Appassionato