The booking process

I like the look of an act. How do I find out more?
Phone, email, or fill out an online enquiry form. We will then create a customised proposal for your event. Our friendly consultants are happy to discuss options and themes, and tweak and revise proposals as required to ensure that you get the information you're after.

What if I can't find what I like on your website?
Not to worry! Not all of our acts have made it on to our website, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. If you're looking for something in particular, have a chat to a member of our team and they'll let you know if such an act exists… and if not, they will help come up with some great alternatives.

Do you have demos or other supplementary material for your acts?
Many of our acts (especially bands and feature shows) have demos (audio and/or video) and sample set lists available. Check out the act's page on our website and if you still can't find what you're after, let us know and we can email or post a demo to you.

How do I confirm my booking?
Phone or email your consultant to let them know you want to book. They will send out a performance agreement and invoice. Your booking is confirmed once we receive a signed performance agreement and a deposit.

How and when do I pay for my booking?
We require a deposit upon confirmation of booking, and the balance paid at least 7 days prior to your event. If your entertainment is booked within 14 days of the event we require full payment on booking. We accept credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Amex), cheque and direct deposit. No payment is to be given to the performers on the night. MTA ‘holds' the payment and the performers are only paid once we know they have successfully completed their job.

What additional costs/arrangements are involved in booking an act?
Additional costs/arrangements depend on the individual act and event. Below is a guideline of some additional requirements which may incur a cost. Please note that this is a rough guide only and your consultant will inform you of extra costs when you are booking.

  • Travel arrangements (which may include airfares, accommodation, transfers, freight, petrol allowance, taxes etc) may be applicable for performances which take place outside of the performers' home city. MTA is able to arrange your artists' travel needs for a small additional fee.
  • Generally all performers will require a private, secure change room with drinks at the event. Please let us know if this can't be arranged and we will do our best to accommodate it.
  • All performers require access to drinks (water, soft drink/juice). Some acts require a meal. We will advise you of any special hospitality requirements.
  • Bands, speakers and feature acts will require production which may include sound, lighting and staging. Many bands can provide their own audio equipment for a small fee. We are happy to provide a quote for production through our suppliers, or work with your venue to ensure that the performance is of an excellent standard technically.
  • Rehearsals, performer-client meetings, early set up times and very late bump out times may incur an additional fee.

Do I have to pay GST?
We are registered for GST and therefore we are required to charge GST to all our customers.

Ensuring your event is special and runs smoothly

What information do I need to tell you before my event?
Once you've booked in your act, we will be in touch to confirm details such as run sheets, rehearsals, parking, emergency contacts and audience details. Don't worry if you can't answer everything when you first book, we'll be in touch along the way.

I have an event planner. Can you just talk to them to make it easier?
Certainly! We're happy to liaise with your event planner to coordinate all of the technical details. We'll then touch base with you in the week before the event, just to reassure you that it's all set to go.

What happens if I need to contact you out-of-hours?
There will always be a consultant on call during your event. You will be given a name and mobile phone contact number in the lead-up to your event.

Do you have any client feedback/testimonials about your service?
Yes! Please click here to see some of our client feedback and testimonials. We have more feedback for many of our acts available upon request.

Will you help me with my run sheet?
We can make suggestions about your run sheet and timings for your event based on our many years of experience. Worried about having to plan your whole event? Maybe MTA's event management service is for you.

Will the band play special requests?
It depends on what song, and how far before your event you ask. If a song is in the band's existing repertoire then they can accommodate it easily. If your request involves them learning a new song then they can provide a quote for learning it (if applicable) and you can then make a decision. For special songs such as bridal waltzes, clients sometimes prefer to play a pre-recorded track. It also means that the timing for the dancing is exactly what they're used to!

Can the act do something special for my event?
Depending on what acts you are booking, many of our artists can customise their act material, costumes or props to suit your event. Acts like Pot-Pourri can write a special song around your company or event, and many of our roving performers can incorporate your colours or logos into their costumes. Let your consultant know when booking if you would like a customised act.

Can I use the microphone for speeches?
If the band is providing production for your event they are normally happy to provide a microphone that can be used for client announcements and speeches. Just let your consultant know and they will liaise with the band to arrange it.

Why use MTA

Why should I book my act through an agent?
There are many reasons to book your act through an agency. When making your decision to book through an agent or entertainment provider, consider the following:

  • You only need to deal with one person to have access to many performers and suppliers
  • One centralised point of call for each event
  • You can rest assured that all of your performers are talented, experienced and professional – we've done the quality control for you!
  • Only one set of contracts and invoices to deal with
  • Consistent performance standards, conditions and expectations for all performers
  • MTA ‘holds’ the payment and the performers are only fully paid once we know they have successfully completed their job.

Now consider some of the things that might happen when you book direct with an act:

  • If an artist becomes ill or has a personal emergency, there is often no backup in place
  • If an artist is offered a better paying or more convenient gig they may choose to reprioritise, leaving you in the lurch
  • You may not know if an act is overcharging you
  • Often there are no contracts or formal agreements, leaving you little recourse if a performer doesn't show up, performs for too little time or doesn't perform what you asked for
  • If you want multiple acts you need to liaise with each performer individually – adding countless phone calls, emails and hassles to your already-busy event planning schedule
  • The artist may demand payment in advance but may not follow through once they are paid

Is it true that you really save me time and money?
Using one provider for entertainment definitely saves you time and money.

  • You don't need to source individual acts
  • We can provide references, demos and other supplementary material for our acts. And if we don't have it on hand, we do the chasing, not you
  • We have an extensive network of performers and suppliers Australia-wide so you can talk to the one consultant to help you organise the entertainment component for multiple events
  • We are constantly searching for new and exciting high-quality acts
  • We can arrange package deals and bulk-booking fees if you need to book a high volume of entertainment

What makes MTA Entertainment and Events different to the other agencies out there?
Click here to see some of the many things which make MTA Entertainment and Events unique.

Special Circumstances

I am holding a fundraiser/charity event. Can you provide free performers?
Music Theatre Australia recognises the need for small businesses to support charitable events and the wider community. We are proud to support a number of worthy causes and events each year, including Creativity Australia, Unicef, The Cancer Council, Oxfam, World Wildlife Fund and The Australian Conservation Foundation.

MTA, in conjunction with our artists, happily support many other charities and not-for-profit organisations by supplying performances at specially discounted charity rates. This ongoing support does restrict the ability of our performers to offer free performances for your charity or community event. Due to the large volume of these requests, we are now unable to arrange free performances from our artists. Nonetheless, if you have allowed an entertainment budget for your event, please feel free to contact us for assistance and we will endeavour to source a discounted performance for you.

We trust you understand our situation and our decision to manage our business in this way and wish you every success with your upcoming event.

I am holding my event overseas. Will your acts travel?
Many of our acts love travelling interstate and overseas! Please note that for events which require travel, the client is responsible for covering travel costs which may include return airfares, accommodation, excess freight, meals or per diems, taxes and visas. Bands and feature acts will also require production and backline to be arranged locally.