Waiters On Tap

Waiters On Tap-1

Feature Act available for hire, based in New South Wales

Dressed exactly the same as the venue waiters, Waiters On Tap performers work the same duties as real waiters.

While going about their duties, one of the waiters 'trips', and smashes a silver tray (noisily) to the ground. Another waiter rushes to his aid in an attempt to avoid a scene, which in fact creates one. A minor 'tussle' erupts and before you know it, the waiter breaks into a tap dance on his dropped silver tray.

As the evening progresses, other waiters spontaneously erupt into a tap dance performance in a bid to outdo each other. To the surprise and delight of guests, all three waiters eventually join together into a choreographed and cleverly scripted stage performance, complete with backing tracks.

"Just a quick note to say thankyou for your services in providing Waiters On Tap for our wedding...They were excellent and really added to the atmosphere of the day." Mr Patrick Galimi

"Thanks guys, you were terrific!" Mr Mark Holden

"These guys can really TAP. The BEST entertainers around !" Richard Wilkins, St George Bank Awards