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Team Building available for hire, based in Victoria

Get creative, recharge, rethink and rejuvenate with unique art experiences designed for all people, even those who claim not to be "artistic". Start a conference on a high, strengthen the team over a morning, wake up an audience mid-afternoon or get creative after dinner – Unique Art Experiences led by artist Stephen J offers a solution for every conference challenge.

Stephen J (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Art COFA) has over twenty-five years experience across staff training, the health profession and adult education, and now works as a full-time professional artist and teacher of art. He has distilled from these experiences, a unique highly effective process for accessing and expressing individual and group creativity.

Start a conference on a high

There's no better way to kick start your event than immersing people in an activity that, in one hit, relaxes, invigorates, extends thinking, gets dormant brains humming and is loads of fun. Stephen J will take your group through a Unique Art Experience that uplifts the spirits of the most jaded person. You'll have people surprised and buzzing with energy and the joy of self discovery. They'll ready to bring their re-energised thinking to your event – and that's a positive for your organisation. Duration 60 minute or 90 minute session. Suitable for groups up to 40 people.

Strengthen or build a team

Overcome barriers and create amazing synergy in your team as Stephen J leads people through a Unique Art Experience designed to boost morale, improve group dynamics and enhance communication. By helping people to relax so they don't worry about what to draw and by using music and movement to help people to enjoy the simple act of drawing, barriers to creativity and communication come down. In their place the team builds respect for each member as they create individual and group art works. The team becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Final creations can be taken back to the office and are digitally recorded for possible use in corporate artefacts such as key rings, mugs and t-shirts or in corporate publications. Duration 2 hour or 4 hour sessions. Suitable for groups up to 40 people.

Wake up an audience

If the mid-afternoon lull threatens the productivity of your group, schedule a one-hour Unique Art Experience at around 2.30 - 3pm and they'll be ready to actively contribute through to dinner and beyond. By activating the brain through the creative use of movement, music and art, people wake up. They feel enthused and are amazed at the clarity of their thinking. They also produce a great piece of art. Schedule this Experience as a one-off or on a daily basis throughout your conference to gain maximum benefits. Duration 1 hour. Suitable for groups up to 40 people.

Get creative after dinner

Don't just sit around after dinner - instead chill-out and get creative. A Unique Art Experience rolls out the grooves and moves as your conference members unwind and move, through art, into a stress-free state of mind. After an evening session with Stephen J, people report feeling positive, uplifted and calm. Many people experience a tranquil euphoria that is almost "zen-like". What a great way to end a day and ensure people will arrive at the next day of your conference feeling re-energised and invigorated. Duration 90 minutes. Suitable for groups up to 40 people.