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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Comedy for Business is our business.

Since 1992, Troupe have been building a reputation as one of the leading exponents of improvised comedy in Australia.

Troupe create characters, scenarios and songs about your world. The famous TROUPE SHOW has been performed for clients all over Australia and overseas. Thousands have been entertained at conferences, functions, launches, schools, universities and so on.

Troupe perform for large or small groups of a diverse nature - from Boards of Directors of major public companies, associations, sales-forces, health or education professionals....

Let them liven up your next conference, or make your next function a memorable one. A TROUPE SHOW is always relevant, interactive and funny!

TROUPE DU JOUR create songs, stories and sketches on the spot and the audience suggest the themes and situations for their sketches. Often the show is about your working lives. It may be a crisis involving the coffee or the photocopier. TROUPE will then play out that crisis in the style of a romance or a kung-fu movie!’

‘We focus on tailoring our shows to suit the client. Whether there is a conference about teamwork, or a function dedicated to having fun, the TROUPE SHOW hits the mark by being funny, interactive and relevant.

That's what makes a TROUPE show special: they reflect the experiences of their audiences in a light hearted way. The audience get involved because they suggest the content. Sometimes the audience even find their way on-stage and become the real stars of the TROUPE SHOW!

The highlight at the end of the TROUPE SHOW is an improvised musical based on the life of someone special in the audience. After a short interview they perform an improvised Broadway musical based on the participants' life story: where they grew up, school days, first date, first job, etc.

It’s always a great finale.

Troup have performed before a diverse range of audiences, ranging from corporate boards, nursing associations, schools, from awards nights to product launches, from large to small groups. So whether you want a TROUPE SHOW after lunch, after dinner or to break up a long day, you'll always find them spontaneous, energetic and surprising.

Troup Workshops & Other Services:

TROUPE have enormous experience working in the corporate field.

We focus on providing the right entertainment or workshop activity for your needs. From highly prepared presentations, or as an integral part of your company's training, to spontaneous interactive characters.

If you want something different, ask us about the following.......

Conference Breakers

Use TROUPE for 10-15 minute bursts to:

* Break the ice, or break up a long day.

* Sum up a session in a light-hearted (or sometimes serious) way.

* Drive home a message.

* Pick up the energy after lunch, and so on.

Careless Catering

Surprise your guests by having TROUPE play the venue staff! You'll be greeted by stuttering waiters, bag ladies and furious chefs. You might not get the world's best silver service, but its highly interactive and lots of fun! Careless Catering breaks the ice if people don't know each other.

Characters and Scripts

We have a vast array of favourite characters or we can create the right character for your entertainment or training needs. TROUPE have invented characters and speeches for clients such as KODAK, FUJITSU, and in March/April 2000 for a national launch for FORD. We have created professors, football coaches, mystery customers, and whole fictitious families!

Role Play

TROUPE have played a major part in management training programs in scenarios for clients such as ANSETT.

Entertainment and Workshop packages

TELSTRA and BHP have used TROUPE to entertain small management groups in training programs. TROUPE will lead these groups through some fun communication skills and team- building workshops, and provide an entertaining finale.

M.C. duties

Perhaps your function is an awards night, TROUPE members can host your event in place of or in addition to the TROUPE SHOW.

Company Debate

Get the issues out in the open and have a good laugh as well. TROUPE can coach, inspire and moderate a good old-fashioned honest shouting debate.