The Australian Kylie Show

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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Kylie fans are you ready? ... The Australian Kylie Show is here! Guaranteed to be the closest thing you’re going to get to the real deal, The Australian Kylie Show has gone to great lengths to get you thinking... could it actually be???

Every aspect of Kylie’s shows have been replicated to perfection, including the costumes from her live performances, gorgeous male and female dancers, awesome choreography, fabulous music and most importantly the closest thing to Kylie you’ll find!Jam packed with all of Kylie’s greatest hits from the past 3 decades, whether you’re a die-hard Kylie fan or not, you will know all the songs...and possibly all the words!Introducing Kylie’s double... Miss Angie Hilton (who has actually played a Kylie double on TV previously).

A talented and seasoned performer, there is no one more qualified to take on the role than Angie. Having been a recording artist herself for BMG Records as lead singer with pop group ‘Sirens’ - Angie has the ultimate training to be able to mimic a pop star. Vocally, her tone is almost identical to Kylie’s and visually she is the image and size.