Stilts - Comedy Waiters


available for hire, based in Victoria

The Comedy Waiters

The Comedy Waiters are a trio of stilt-walking comedians with a fantastic menu of jokes that can be ordered, like a hilarious meal.

The Comedy Waiters deliver much more than service with a smile, they’re in the business of laughter. What will your audience order from their menus?

An entrée: a short, sharp joke that leaves you hungry for more.

A main: an animated, story-type joke that leaves you satisfied.

A desert: a sweet joke worth fitting in.

It’s all you can eat! Some dishes can be ordered extra spicy, and children’s menus can be catered for too.

Like a 5 star restaurant The Comedy Waiters deliver 5 star service, each waiter is an experienced comedian (and you thought all waiters were actors!). Their antics will have you in stitches.

It’s an act of 3 roving stilt-walkers/comedians that is just as fun when not on stilts (in case your venue does not have the roof space). Available as a solo, duo or trio of performers.