Stilt Story

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Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in Victoria



Jill has just ridden in from the bush on her favorite friend Roo! This all-Australian duo will literally bounce around your event on aerodynamically sprung stilts creating an authentic Aussie bush feeling. This duo is a stilt

and puppeteering act in one!

Come and pat the Joey or give let Roo give you a kiss. This is Australia’s favourite giant size native. (also available with Christmas theme Elf-A-Roo)

Professor and his Puppet

Show and Roving

Introducing the professor and his favourite Puppet Pavlova! This duo performs an act of human puppetry fresh from a fairy tale. Perfect for the children and equally cheeky for the adults! At outdoor events this duo draws a crowd and can perform a 10-minute show or simply rove drawing new crowds.

Entertaining, interactive and comical this duo will bring a unique edge to your event.

Disco Roller Girl


Want to get the party started?

Invite Disco Roller Girl- She’ll have the whole room spinning in seconds. Straight from the disco diner she comes to your event serving up large portions of fun!

Frilled Neck Lizards:


Imagine 2 dynamic dancing lizards intricately body painted, energetic and vibrant dancing to the sounds of Australian music. If you want to make an impact then the Frilled Neck Lizards will explode your event with a stilt dance show that is set to frill your audience! This show is perfect for any occasion where you want to leave an alluring memory in the minds of your guests.


The Frilled neck Lizards will pop up at your event, moving through the crowd with awe and wonder. These curious animals love to engage with all they come in to contact with…Watch out!

Geisha Girls:


The Geisha Girls perform an intricate choreographed 8-minute fan dance to elegant music. Majestic and magnificent, sweet and coquettish this spectacular is a perfect show opener for any kind of event. Standing 10 feet tall this dance is defiantly not to be missed!


If a show is not what you want then let the Geisha Girls rove through your event engaging and delighting your audience with enough eyelash batting to woo any heart!



This dynamic duo perform a choreographed combat dance to suspenseful music creating an atmospheric entertaining and electric presentation to your event.


Insect like and spooky, this pair rove your event taking combat in stick and sword fights, but you better watch out you never know where they'll pop up!

Golden Clown:

The Golden Clown brings a ray of sunshine to your event. She’s got jokes, tricks, squirty things and balloon animals up her sleeve. She can come to your event and sculpt your favourite balloon animal or simply bring some laughter to your day.


Fairy Lights, baubles, glitter, the Angles glide into your Christmas event granting wishes and spreading the Christmas cheer. Perfect for Christmas parades and anywhere you need a touch of Christmas cheer.