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Celebrity available for hire, based in Queensland

Stan Walker wants people to get a glimpse inside his world and really feel what he's feeling. He believes there are songs on his albums that show you things that you can't usually see just by looking. You have to listen.

One of the most refreshing and shining examples of talent the Australian music industry has to offer. Stan's undeniable vocal-gift and engaging boy-next-door charm have already resulted in him successfully releasing a couple of top selling singles (the double Platinum "Black Box" and Gold "Unbroken") and a platinum-selling album ("Introducing Stan Walker"). Along the way his confidence has blossomed, he's found his way to navigate through the industry with his expanding experience and his quest to speak the truth via his music. His album "From The Inside Out" puts the past behind him, and reveals the true artistry of Stan Walker, away from the quick-turnaround recordings and the media fanfare. Taking his time to create a collection of personal, honest, and soulful songs, this new album showcases Stan's ability to party and have fun, whilst the same time also allowing him to flip the script, and strip his soul bare to reveal himself from the inside out. Stan and his band took their time to craft songs that are very personal to them. The thirteen songs featured on "From The Inside ut" are a spirited and uplifting collection of songs that Stan feels profoundly attached to.

Stan's success and crowning-glory so far has been noted around the world, and in no time at all offers to work with him on this new album flooded in from around the globe. Stan handpicked only the most suitable collaborators from around the world and in Australia to work with on this very personal album. Lending a hand to proceedings were producers Ryan Tedder (Beyoncé , Leona Lewis), Stuart Crichton (Kylie Minogue, Sugababes), Audius (Jessica Mauboy, Delta Goodrem), and Israel Cruz (Ricki-Lee, Jade MacRae), as well as UK singer Pixie Lott and New Zealand rapper Young Sid, who both recorded duets respectively with Stan on the album. The album was then given a final sonic-boost in the USA by in-demand Grammy Award-winning mixers Phil Tan (Usher, Rihanna) and Craig Bauer (Kanye West). What eventuated was a whirlwind of pop, R&B, soul, rock and some gospel, all mixed together, and right in the middle of all that, Stan.

"Inside Out" is a striking powerhouse-pop moment which sets the tone for the whole album. 'If you listen to the lyrics it explains it for you," Stan says, his music speaks for itself. "This is who I am, if you look within / Take me as I am, this is all of me," he sings on the song, which is truly made his own when the song breaks down half-way and Stan's gospel-styled vocals soar to the front with extraordinary resonance.

Luck, opportunity, or talent ? How did Stan Walker make it to where he is today, standing on the brink of international success? "I don't believe in luck," he laughs, with a huge grin. "Everything happens for a reason, and has its purpose ? I thank God for giving me this opportunity to be here. Now it's my time to take the stage and inspire others to make the most of their lives? And if they laugh, or sing-along to my songs on the way, well, that's even better, eh?!"