Singing Sommeliers

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Feature Act available for hire, based in


One Sommelier is serious about wine. Her male colleague clearly has little clue…As this comedic presentation builds, the male turns his attention to a woman in the audience, comparing her to a silky smooth Chardonnay. “She is more than a woman…she is an opera!” he exclaims, bursting into song and espousing how all woman are like wine.

The female Sommelier strips off her apron – revealing a glamorous gown underneath. She sings Carmen’s Habanera replacing the original french lyrics with a humorous English translation – all about men! Low and behold, she bumps into an “ex-lover” (a guest) – and the fun continues!

In a blow up suit, “Pavarotti” enters, singing about his life, his women, spaghetti and the tricks he plays on the tax man. Comedy, surprises and inspiring song!

"Singing Sommeliers were fabulous in their duo act, leading us from their (overly serious, delightfully silly) discussions on wine-making into their gorgeous bursts into song. Marvellous singers and great entertainers, it certainly provided the total "wow" factor to the evening." Maryclare Anson

"The Singing Sommeliers were s absolutely perfect! I couldn't have been happier with what they did, everyone loved them! Thanks for all your work." Ms Langley