Shawn Cosgrove

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Speaker available for hire, based in Victoria

Shawn Cosgrove has been heard on Melbourne radio and television for over 25 years. He started at 3UZ in the mid 70’s, working with Don Lane, Bert Newton, Bert Bryant and Ugly Dave Gray before switching to music radio at 3KZ which was to become GOLD FM.

He was also the “Come on Down” voice over and ‘warm up’ guy on The Price is Right on Channel Nine, where he now works doing voice overs.

Shawn made a name for himself on radio with his GOTCHA calls where victims received calls from him with ridiculous offers including ‘duty free’ purchases from a moon mission, requests to store bodies in supermarket freezers in return for a personalized body bag and weddings put into chaos.

One such effort earned him the 1997 radio award for best Australian Comedy Segment when he rang a girl on 3 consecutive days to tell her 1. There was a bikie bash and burnout happening out front of her wedding all day 2. Her reception on a Yarra boat was to be shared with a buck’s party, and finally a gay photographer convinced her to stand on the railings on Westgate Bridge for photos with the city in the background. Naturally a bungie rope would be attached!

He is also a race caller and does specialized race calls where clients replace the horses and are ‘sent up’ as the race progresses. Shawn is in great demand as an auctioneer at AFL clubs and sporting venues for their fund raising nights.

Some interesting facts about events Shawn is involved in:

• Shawn has been the M.C. at Royal South Yarra Tennis Club Calcutta on Caulfield Cup Eve for 25 years straight! (He get’s a lot of repeat jobs).

• He was the M.C. and auctioneer at the James Hird Testimonial Dinner in 2006. He managed to get $15,000 for a James Hird scrapbook. A James Hird painting - similar to the Kevin Sheedy one that made $21,000 previously – Shawn managed to secure $61,000. This “blew” Essendon and James Hird away!

• And if you thought that was good, he was the M.C. and auctioneer at the Robert Harvey Testimonial Dinner in 2007 also – This time Shawn managed to secure $67,000 for a one off Robert Harvey paintings…unbelievable!

• Adelaide Crows - Shawn sold a mystery item I described as "Something all Aussies would love at the moment and it's only worth $200” for $1,100. It was a box of bananas!!! He told the bloke who bought 'em the worst thing was that they'd all ripen at once! He has done the Adelaide Crows auction 4 years straight now.

Shawn can also do the "Celebrity" race calls and facilitate a "Day at the Races" experience as well.

"We couldn’t have done it without you – the consummate professional, the velvet voice and a damn good attitude!" AFI Awards

"I write to congratulate you on a fantastic effort as MC of the 1996 Copeland Trophy – one again you blitzed the field with an outstanding performance." Collingwood Football Club

"The feedback from our clients has been nothing short of sensational. We have received numerous complimentary comments re your humour, ‘Phantom race calls’ and most of all your tips for various races which helped our guests walk out winners on the day." PriceWaterhouseCoopers