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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Scott and Byron were both contestants on the 2014 series of Masterchef Australia, making their mark on the judges and audiences with their youthful personalities, unique stories and outstanding cooking skills. Together they are a charismatic duo, cooking private meals and public displays for guests and the public alike.

Scott’s love of cooking began after a run of bad luck with his health and fitness that started when he was an apprentice carpenter. Tearing discs in his back, a broken ankle, a tumour on his foot and a bulged disc in his neck, all making the physicalities of carpentry increasingly more difficult.

While he was recovering, Scott would spend hours watching cooking shows and developing his enthusiasm for the budding chef within him. Although Scott’s cooking style is inspired by his family and friends, he is a methodical and precise chef who creates some truly beautiful dishes.

The balance between the homely style and the more gourmet is reflected across Scott’s personality. He can be found equally cooking a 5 course dinner in a private home, as much as he would be at his shack on the Murray, playing guitar and creating a feast for family and friends.

Now based in Melbourne to follow his dream, Scott spends his time cooking private dinners for celebrities and business executives, demonstrating his skills to the public and constantly working on new ideas and dishes.

"Nothing makes me happier than to hear that people love my food and want to go back for more." - Scott Yeoman

Before joining the Masterchef kitchen, Byron spent two years travelling the world as a deckhand on the super yacht Odessa. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Owen Wilson, Byron couldn’t deny his love of food any longer, giving it all away to take his place on the top rating TV show.

Byron’s inspiration in the kitchen is his mother. He explains that it was her who sparked his love of health-conscious cooking and respect for fresh produce.

As a youngster, Byron was a gifted AFL footballer, destined for the big stage. But a cycling accident left him with a slipped disc. Told that he would never play footy again, Byron spent a lot of time cooking as he convalesced.

After studying a Nutritional Science Degree, Byron became a nutritionist and personal trainer before embarking on a series of adventures including modelling work in Thailand, volunteering as a fire-fighter in Guatemala, learning Spanish… then life as a deckhand and travel around the world.

It was while working on the yacht that Byron’s passion for the kitchen came into focus. He sought out every chance to learn from a host of top chefs who were on board including Italian chef Roberto Grazioli, Columbian chef Daniela Sanchez and Canadian chef Matt Burns. Byron also considers Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver as idols. His dream is to cook alongside Ferran Adria from the legendary elBulli.

"Once I know what I want, I’ll do everything it takes to achieve that dream."