Latin Band available for hire, based in Western Australia

Sambalicious has been around for only about 2 years but since day one they have been rocking the parties and creating the vibe at some big gigs.

Sambalicious are the in-house band at the “Latin Quarter”, the Berdeen Hotels fiery Thursday night Brazilian party, with a residency stretching back to October 2004. They were a central part of the Marca Bravara Brazilian tour giveaway, a successful marketing strategy promoting Marca Bravara beer. Sambalicious rocked a Sunday residency this summer at the Harbourside Hotel in Fremantle and are regular performers at corporate and private functions.

Sambalicious play a fine selection of the best music that Brazil has to offer, ranging from sultry Bossa Novas and Forrós, funky Brazilian samba rock to an all out Percussion Sensory Assault of loud, tight, Brazilian Carnival Drumming. Plus they play some great Brazilian samba versions of popular tunes such as Marvin Gayes “Sexual Healing”, and pull out other great Latin and party favourites to keep the crowd moving.