Rod Quantock

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Comedian available for hire, based in Victoria

Rod Quantock is one of the reasons that Melbourne is the live comedy capital of Australia. As a pioneer of stand up comedy, Rod has more than thirty years experience working in cabaret, theatre, television and radio.

The truly remarkable thing about Rod is that for that time he has remained a contemporary stand up comedian, evolving and staying at the forefront of the craft. His contribution was rewarded when he received the 2004 Sydney Myer Performing Arts Award, putting him in the company of such arts luminaries as Geoffrey Rush, Robyn Nevin, Nick Enright & Paul Grabowsky.

In 2013, Rod celebrated his 45th year in stand up with a one off show at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre which received rave reviews in the media.

"Sophisticated satire, unpretentious, daffy. His easy rambling fills the stage. Clever, simple and acid... a comedian for thinkers." The Melbourne Times

"A gloriously shambling style, punctuated by sudden gags and proposals of Swiftian excess... He is the archetypal wise fool adrift in a dark & dangerous world." The Australian

"For sheer cheek and inventiveness, the amazing Rod Quantock must take the honours. Bizarre, fresh, theatrically dangerous, unpredictable." The Guardian, London