Robyn Moore

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Speaker available for hire, based in Victoria

Effective communication creates engagement. Once you have peoples’ attention you can profoundly affect awareness, perception, behaviour and potential. Robyn Moore is a very effective communicator with a unique understanding of "The Power of the Word". She’s is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker. She sells people back to themselves so they experience increased access to life-altering communication, effective leadership, work/home balance, satisfaction, laughter, core values, vision and desired outcomes, attitudes and behaviour. She leaves people able to recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their professional and personal lives.

Her voice is known in most homes in Australia from commercials, syndicated comedy and animation series seen in 70 countries, however few people will know her name. She creates all female voices on Australia’s longest running radio comedy series “How Green Was My Cactus” and her voice on radio and TV commercials has sold millions of dollars worth of products for thousands of Australian companies. She is also well known as the voice of Blinky Bill – “Extraordinary”!

Now, she’s speaking nationally and internationally at conferences, special events and training workshops and creating remarkable results! You could say she “sells people back to themselves” so they rediscover their energy, purpose, passion and their sense of humour. Her unique understanding of “the power of the word” allows her to profoundly affect her audiences. When she speaks ... people listen … and take the action necessary to create the outcomes they want in their lives!