Peter Davidson

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Speaker available for hire, based in Victoria

Peter Davidson is a humble man but a remarkable Australian.

On December 26th 1998, 114 Yachts left Sydney harbour in the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, yet only 44 finished. Of the remaining vessels, 12 yachts were abandoned, 5 yachts sank, 6 men lost their lives and over 50 yachtsmen had to be winched to safety.

The event is recognised as one of the worst Maritime disasters in Australian history.

Peter Davidson, a paramedic aboard the first rescue helicopter to reach survivors, talks about what it took to rescue 8 men from the stricken vessel “Standaside” in the midst of some of the worst conditions in sailing history.

Sea conditions were described by many of the survivors and rescuers as “a Hurricane” – waves running and breaking at over 25 metres (that’s as tall as a six story building) and winds gusting at over 120 km/hr. - Conditions into which Peter was winched to conduct the most testing rescue of his career.

Peter and the crew of Helimed One undertook rescues that are seen as beyond that ever asked of rescue helicopters. The crew has been recognised nationally and internationally for their bravery, skill and dedication.

As Peter relates “Awards and recognition are great, but nothing was better than the smiles on the faces of the survivors and their families.”

This is a powerful and moving story of showing the best of what ordinary, well-trained and motivated people can achieve.

Peter shares this incredible story in which he himself almost lost his life twice. A gripping, real-life drama that tested Helimed One and stands testament to achieving under extreme circumstances.

For over 16 years, Peter Davidson has been employed by the RAV (Rural Ambulance Victoria), and for over 12 of those years, he has been aboard “Helimed One” the Victorian Air Ambulance Rescue Helicopter. Peter is a qualified Air Ambulance M.I.C.A., Flight Paramedic and Team Leader.