Nearly Young and Lazy Horse - Tribute show

Nearly Young and Lazy Horse - Tribute show-1

Feature Act available for hire, based in New South Wales

Neil Young has been a popular and enduring music legend whose music crosses many genres, so replicating him requires the same versatility. Indeed a career spanning over 3 decades has left a bountiful selection of songs most suitable for a successful live event such as this. The audience demographic is wide with fans from the 60’s up to the current generation as demonstrated by headlining last years record sell out “Big Day Out” and other Australian concerts.

The Nearly Young Show captures the intimate storytelling and distinctive sounds of Neil Young. Featuring classics such as “ Heart Of Gold ”, “Old Man”, “ Harvest Moon ” through to powerful protest songs “Alabama”, “Ohio” and “Rockin’ In The Free World ” and more.

Take a “ Journey Through The Past” with this time lined two set show complimented with relevant dress themes. Enjoy the CSNY hippie era evergreen “Teach Your Children”, the hauntingly spine tingling “Tonight’s The Nite” and then dance away to “Powderfinger”, Cinnamon Girl”, and “Down By The River” etc. Neil Young’s quirky sense of humour allows for a healthy dose of fun laced throughout the show.

This authentic reproduction is anchored by “Lazy Horse”, a combination of specialist musicians who have painstakingly achieved the sounds of Neil Young’s recordings by industry legends such as Ben Keith, and Jerry Garcia (Pedal Steel), Jack Nitzche (Piano-Keyboard) James Taylor (Banjo, Vocals), Emmylou Harris, Linda Rondstadt and Nicolette Larson (Backing Vocals), Rufus Thibodeaux (Fiddle), Spooner Oldham (Pump Organ) to name but a few.