Mime Darian Le Page

Mime Darian Le Page-1

Roving Circus Act available for hire, based in Western Australia


Mime artist, Darian Le Page resembles a mannequin. With his face painted to resemble plastic, this “mannequin” not only walks, but also acts out various scenarios, often with unsuspecting passer bys. This form of street theatre is a popular choice for festivals. It also is a unique ice breaker to consider during pre-dinner drinks and for cocktail parties. A mime artist will also help bring attention to your exhibition by having Darian mime near your display.


Darian’s bartender is one of his most popular mime characters. He mimes pouring beer from beer taps and opening wine bottles. He also mimes pouring the wine and conducting wine tasting sessions with the audience. This amounts to lots of fun interaction. In between his bartending duties, the bartender leans on an imaginary countertop with one or both elbows. These exaggerated stances also generate crowd interest.


Having a themed event and not sure what type of entertainment will suit? Darian’s exceptional mime abilities can be transformed to suit a number of themes, e.g. Space/Futuristic theme – Darian can be transformed into a robotic waiter, French theme – Darian can dress ala Marcel Marceau, Charlie Chaplin, Aquatic theme – he can be a swimmer.


A student of Musical Theatre at WAAPA, Darian travelled Europe busking as a mime artist and living statue. His love of performance is infectious as people stop to watch and just can’t move on. Darian is also a qualified teacher. This gives him a unique perspective on how to deal with children of all ages. As such he is ideal for festivals and family fun days as well as being a great conversation starter at corporate events.