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Team Building available for hire, based in Victoria

Executive Training Programs & Organisational Development

Many organisations such as Melbourne Business School and NAB use our performances as part of their senior executive training programs. Others such as GHD draw on our work to complement their graduate programs.

We have also been used to support organisations in the following ways:

Team-Building / Managing Change / Recharge & Re-energise / Entertainment & Celebration / Reflect & Realign / Emotional Intelligence / Interactive Workshops

Team-Building: By creating a fun and entertaining experience together, Melbourne Playback performances affirm the sense of team and community within your organisation. We open up empathy and the active listening and improvisation skills displayed by our professional performing ensemble are an inspiring example of teamwork at its best.

Managing Change?: Melbourne Playback performances are a positive way for staff to reflect on their thoughts and feelings through periods of change. It is often difficult for those within an organisational culture to see the culture for what it is. Our actors create a mirror for the group which is non-threatening and engaging. Individual stories have wider resonance for the audience and group members are often surprised and delighted that they are not alone in their experiences and perceptions. This can be an important step towards the forging of a shared vision.

Recharge & Re-energise: Melbourne Playback performances are a refreshing addition to the mid-point of a training program. When participants are overflowing with new information and paradigms, a Melbourne Playback performance provides the space to reflect on what's happened so far and re-engage with key ideas.

Entertainment & Celebration: Melbourne Playback performances are a dynamic way to bring staff and stakeholders together to celebrate the story of your organisation and have a hearty laugh together.

Reflect & Realign: By bringing participants together and opening a reflective dialogue on key themes and events, a Melbourne Playback performance encourages your people to see things from each others perspective and helps the group articulate a shared vision of what lies ahead.

Emotional Intelligence: Melbourne Playback's performers are highly skilled at listening for the unspoken and reflecting the thoughts and feelings behind what is said. We employ the creative use of metaphor, genre, body-language and music to illuminate underlying themes. Our performances are a model of emotional intelligence that encourage participants to express themselves, listen differently and empathise with each other.

Interactive Workshops: Drawing on the methodologies of actor training and Playback Theatre, our performers and facilitators offer interactive workshops that can be delivered in conjunction with a performance or as a stand-alone skill building workshop