Feature Act available for hire, based in Queensland

Get ready for Australia's hottest electric string trio. Not only do they sound hot, but they look swish and move like weapons of mass seduction.

Maske is the leading group in Australia and New Zealand performing classical pop music exclusively on Yamaha Silent Electric instruments. This show has been specially designed as a high impact spectacle of lights, costumes, bling and intense musical virtuosity!

These highly trained performers are currently blitzing the corporate scene with their versions of the virtuoso classics. Their repertoire includes hot arrangements of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" Explosive and Samba and their own original classics.

Maske show options:

1. Maske with backing tracks

Maske perform with specially arranged orchestral backing tracks by international musician/performer/arranger Wes Taylor. These tracks are high impact and designed to turn heads! They include some of classical music's greatest hits a great fusion of Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach with beats!

The string show sets are very flexible they range in length from two minutes (1 track) to 30 minutes (9 tracks). Maske can perform anywhere, anytime with these.

2. Maske with live 3 piece band

Maske loves performing LIVE and when possible they absolutely love to perform with a three piece live band (drums, bass and guitar).

This combination of six musicians on stage creates maximum impact. The band members are also able to perform relaxing pre show music during dinner and continue on after Maske as the official party band!

3. Maske wearing masks!

Having a masked ball or event..? The Maske girls now come with their very own masks and matching outfits.

They look fabulous onstage and fit in with the theme of the event!

4. Maske with two HOT male dancers

Maske start the show with their usual musical flare (backing tracks or with live band) and half way through two HOT male dancers arrive on the scene to dance with them. They interact with the girls and take the show to a new level!

A great visual effect is created and makes for an even more high impact show! String music with an electrifying edge! This combination is great for the ladies and the men!

"The Maske performance you developed for our EDS client in Dallas, Texas this past January was simply superb." Mark McGovern, VP Creative Services/SR. Creative Director, AMS Production Group, USA.

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Maske Video Demo