Roving Character available for hire, based in Queensland

The tall form of Manoeuvre is a familiar sight at both indoor & outdoor festivals, nightclubs and corporate events throughout Australia and Overseas; strutting, loping and dancing through the crowd. Much more than simply “walkers”, these Stilt Performers look to the Australian environment as inspiration for much of their work and specialise in creating eye catching roving performances that have delighted audiences both throughout Australia and overseas. Manoeuvre’s characters and costumes stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience.

The Characters outlined below are available separately or in combination. While they most frequently appear as a duo, they are also available as solo characters, and selected acts, as groups of 3, 4 or 5.


Effervescent, exquisite, Ma’amselle Claire steps lightly with beauty and grace. Enveloped in her cloud of bubbles Ma’amselle Claire leaves a trail of enraptured, smiling faces. Watch the bubbles burst their surprises in the sunshine or notice the magic of floating balls in the half light of evening.


Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Always the innocent bystanders (not!) – playing pranks and looking for playmates, Jack’n’Jack are definitely fun filled and dynamic. Up-end your expectations!


Set your spirit free, and take to the sky with this epicurean delight. Enveloped in blue, this flight of fantasy will dip soar and swirl. On the Wing is on the move. Fancy free, distinct, joyful. A must to enliven any festival or event.


These out of this world characters in striking block red and over two and half metres tall perform an extraordinary dance of fast paced ribbon twirling. With an energy that shows up all but the most vital of ground based dance styles, this act is particularly suited to parades and events with a live music component. Give them a beat, and these guys will just go off!


Strangers in a strange land, stalking and creeping on their long insect like legs. Where are they from? Why are they here? Beautiful and intriguing, they communicate with a haunting language of gaunt postures, spindly shapes and piercing gazes. Searching, enquiring - seeking the familiar in an unfamiliar landscape.


Under those demure veiled faces lies a mischievous sense of humour. A cheekiness that is reflected in Lip Service’s costuming, movement and style, as well as in their interactions with their audience. These girls are not just a pretty sight. Take a breath, reach deep into the mouth of their proffered handbag, choose a card and read your ‘thought for the day’! Fabulous at Festivals roving amongst the crowd. Completely Classy as they mingle at a conference. Perfectly Placed at any dinner or gala ball. Lip Service has definitely got it all …