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Classics & Strings available for hire, based in Victoria

This ensemble will take you back to the days of yore! Combining styles of Medieval, Old English, and Baroque, this music troupe will truly inspire you. The 5-piece consist of a shawm, a cornetto, percussion and 2 sackbuts with one of the sackbuts playing the Spanish bagpipe as well. By adding a female vocalist, a Baroque style guitar called a vihuella and a Baroque style cello called a da gamba, the full band will entertain your guests whether they be peasants or royalty! Dressed in period costume from the 16th century, La Compañia is the only ensemble of its kind in Australia combining loud wind and percussion with the delicate sounds of plucked and bowed strings and voice. La Compañia's performance experience ranges from festivals and concerts to film, TV and CD recordings. Since their critically acclaimed debut in 1997 La Compañia have recorded early music components for the English feature film Elizabeth featuring Cate Blanchett, and in 2000 released their debut CD, Music of the Spanish Renaissance on the Move label.