Juggler - Ben Bryant

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Circus available for hire, based in New South Wales

Benny B’s Ladder Show

Enter Benny B’s chaotic world as he juggles anything from hats to cups to fire or even machetes. The show culminates with Benny B balancing precariously 2 metres in the air on a free-standing ladder attempting to juggle dangerous, sharp objects!!!!

Juggling circus acts at their very best!

When I Grow Up.

A children's show suitable for schools, child cares, etc. Great for primary school kids. Join Benny on his quest to work out what he wants to be when he grows up. A waiter, tennis star, chef, painter, fire man Enjoy Benny's hilarous antics as he unsuccessfully tries it all!

Ben the Flower Pot Man!

He may not know that much about gardening, but his expert displays of juggling and balancing will keep any audience amused. Spades, garden pots and even the garden gnome get involved!

Solo Fire Show

A fire show featuring fire staff, fire poi, fire juggling and a fire extinguisher.

A fire show like no other - it’s entertaining !!! A show with talent, without dreadlocks and without an unjustified ego trip!

All shows are great juggling circus acts, perfect for a fun visual show at your next corporate or private event.