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Circus available for hire, based in New South Wales

Jesse is a seasoned circus performer with a decade of experience under his belt.

Graduating from Melbourne's National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2003 he has performed all over the country and trained around the world. Specialising in Adagio Jesse is also skilled in Chinese Pole, Acrobatics, Bunking and Hat Manipulation to name a few.

Jesse is well known as the front man of urban styled circus group 'Team Loko' who combined the Live DJ stylings of 'DJ Tom Tom' with Acrobatics, Break Dancing, Bunking, Parkour and Free running.

'Team Loko' have performed at such venues and festivals as the Sydney Opera House, Festival of Dangerous Arts (2009), Fun4Kids Festival, Warrnambol (2009), Hoopla Festival and Sydney Harbour Foreshore (2009)

As well as a large varriey of skills Jesse offers a range of Acts. Be it solo, duo or group work he has directed, choreographed, performed and created acts in indoor and outdoor settings on stages and scaffold and for corporate, caberette and roving events.