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Classics & Strings available for hire, based in Victoria

For several years, Janet Borg loved working strategically as a Consultant on social justice innovations, both here and overseas. It’s a challenge when one loves what they do, to give up ambition and surrender to purpose - or to find a way to do both...

It takes courage to dig deeper and discover ones bliss and aspects of self that have never been expressed. She has heard so many people over the years sharing stories about being too busy and giving up what had once brought them much joy. Janet is an avid believer in usnurturing our own souls by exploring and expressing our passion and creativity. Only then can we truly give to others...

It’s now a new stage in Janet’s life and she is passionate and committed to playing the harp and soul coaching - finding bliss and serenity in our lives...

Janet’s gift was dormant until she started spontaneously playing and she only recently discovered that her natural style is a very ancient way of playing harp; the ‘correct’ way of playing was adapted to coincide with the piano and traditional European music.

Janet creates a soundscape of improvised ambient harp music that does not intrude yet enhances an environment or special event.

She currently plays 3 days a week in hospitals - and is also available for private gigs as well as soul coaching, facilitating people to find their deepest soul work.