Jaq Da Black

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Roving Circus Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Jaq's quirky and imaginative style has won the hearts of audiences the world over. With his ability to engage an audience at a very intimate level, he is able to explore the subtle and beautiful art of Pierrot clown (the French clown with a teardrop under his eye).

Add to this his magic, musical (ukulele), acting and acrobatic skills, and you are guaranteed not only humour but also beauty. Available as a roving Pierrot statue, as a 'modern' clown, a talented French mime or any other customised character you can think of, just give us fair warning and we will work with Jaq to create the ultimate in themed characters, his versatility will ensure a great night.

Jaq da Black : Jaq da Black is a very modern clown who specialises in magic, mime, juggling, hat tricks and more. He is a very smartly dressed fellow indeed! Spaciously cool with a quirky and imaginative style that has won the hearts of audiences the world over.