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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Kevin Grisé presents a world class Stage Hypnosis comedy show with unique corporate entertainment that is absolutely amazing!

With more than 30 years experience as a Hypnotherapist, Kevin’s dynamic style and professionalism are apparent in all aspects of his show.

Kevin provides a totally unique, fast paced, fun filled, audience interactive Corporate show, which is hilariously funny and enjoyable for the volunteers up on stage, as well as the people in the audience.

Kevin is very ‘corporate minded’ and aware that his audience might be work colleagues who need to face each other at work again the following day. He uses ‘volunteers’ to participate in his show and does not pick on, or humiliate anyone. He makes the volunteers into the ‘stars of the show’.

Kevin Grisé is an 'all round' performer and his Stage Hypnosis Show is the highlight of every Corporate Function!


"I had the privilege of watching Kevin Grise who is a professional and world renowned Stage Hypnotist. His show was hilarious. It was not only entertaining but hilarious to watch as his volunteer's thoughts and actions were directed through hypnosis. I could hardly breath I was laughing so hard. Kevin taught us that we are all in some level of hypnosis and we are all living in our own world. Whatever we think is our reality. Hypnosis is simply a way to change what you believe to be real at that very moment in time. He taught us that our thoughts govern what level of hypnosis we all function at and that the mind is a powerful thing. Focused thought can create any reality you desire and will cause you to do the actions necessary to have that reality. Kevin is truly inspiring with the principles he teaches about personal development and the power of the mind. His performances are top of the line and very entertaining and educational. It was an unforgettable experience!"

- David Allred, Summit Point Enterprises, USA

"After the huge success of last year's show and the distance involved in getting Kevin and Jenny here to our Mine site in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia, we decided that this time with a lot more people and to cater for all swings, 5 days would be much more Fun and we were not disappointed. Kevin's Stage Shows are Hilarious and are even more entertaining when you know the "volunteers" in their normal state. It's all good, clean fun and a very good "Laugh 'til it hurts" show. During the day Kevin held sessions for us which were well received on Self Hypnosis techniques for exercise, motivation, diet and to stop-smoking etc. We look forward to getting Kevin and Jenny back next year and would recommend any other Mine thinking about having a Show with a difference to do it, as you will be impressed."

- Bruce Lyon, Vice-President, Ellendale Social Klub Inc (ESKI), Kimberley Diamond Company

"Thank you for taking the time to visit with us and to put on a wonderful show! Kevin's show was a real highlight for the members of the Carbine Club of Papua New Guinea and their guests at the lunchtime function. The members of the Carbine Club of Papua New Guinea are a discerning group and expect the Club to present a certain quality and standard of entertainment at their functions. Kevin's show not only lived up to the high standards, but exceeded all expectations. The show is still being talked about now, some weeks later! Kevin can come back to any of our functions anytime he likes!"

- Henry Kila, President, Carbine Club of Papua New Guinea

"Not only did the 12 volunteers rush up on stage as promised but I can honestly say I have never heard more laughter ever. The professionalism by Kevin & Jenny is nothing short than brilliant and the audience clambered for the best view. The only complaint I received was people complaining the following day they had a sore jaw from laughing." Kersten Gentle, FTMA Australia