Hula Hoops - Anabel Carberry

Hula Hoops - Anabel Carberry-1

Circus available for hire, based in Victoria

ROVING HULA HOOPS - Invite Annabel to your event and it will be instantly brightened. Add colour, movement, very blue hair and lots of hula-hoops with this roving act, and keep those crowds entertained. Annabel will move about performing spectacular hula-hoop tricks and keeping the energy of your event up in the sky.

Crowds of adults and kids alike will be entertained just watching all those hoops spinning, but they may also get to have a go too! This act has been performed all over the UK and Ireland and works particularly well for festivals and children’s events.

SWINGTIME - Fun but classy this act is a1930's inspired hula-hoop and tap dancing act. Audiences will be stunned by Annabel’s amazing ability to spin, throw and manipulate several hoops whilst tapping away. Those funtime swing grooves will get your toes tappin’ and your hands clappin’. This is a real classic cabaret act combining several skills with slick retro style. Not to be missed, this act is highly skilled, highly polished and has been performed at several cabaret's and corporate events throughout the UK, Ireland, and Australia.