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Cover Band available for hire, based in New South Wales

"LUKE KOTERAS has a unique vision, dedication and talent for writing and playing songs that are musically dynamic and uplifting yet introspective at the same time. 'ACOUSTICAPELLA' contain sweeping acoustic and electric rock tunes and vocal and instrumental tunes that are reflective of today's busy way of life. Luke's musical honesty and almost virtuosic dexterity on guitar, resonates through the diverse collection of songs presented by ACOUSTICAPELLA. Enjoy the diversity, enjoy the artistry and yes simply enjoy the music.

Brought up by music-loving parents, Luke was fed a steady diet of Jeff St John, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beatles, Nirvana, John Farnham, Renee Gayer and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As a lad, Luke won many trophies and awards as an outstanding guitar-playing talent before going on to complete his music studies at the Australian Institute of Music.

Learning from intently listening to the likes of Tommy Emanuel through to Jimmy Page and then by personally swapping licks with Joseph Calderazzo, Dai Pritchard, Steve Flack, Bill Chambers and many other great Aussie guitar players.

22-year-old Luke plays a blend of new age acoustic music with a modern flavour, occasionally mixing it up with a bit of electric guitar.

Luke toured China in 2004 with jazz funk outfit 'dlivr' before touring as a solo artist across UK, Europe, Africa and Thailand. He has guested on John Brownrigg's LP 'Crossroads' with jazz Hammond playing legend Col Nolan. Luke has opened for awe-inspiring Aussie acts such Normie Rowe, Jon Stevens, The Androids, Operator Please, Dead Letter Circus, Dragon and soul legend Renee Gayer.

Luke seriously slayed ‘em in mid 2005 with shows at The Basement, The Vanguard and The FUSE Festival, Adelaide. Luke featured as the Young Gun in Steve Flack's "Tribute to Pete Wells" Guitar Heroes show alongside Bill Chambers, Steve Flack and Dai Pritchard of Rose Tattoo.

The life of Luke Koteras has been one seriously evolved trip. He seems to revel in doing things to perfection and he has the ability to pull live performances off. Whispers about Luke Koteras started to spread when he scored recording time with ‘Foghorn Records’ whilst still 17 years old.

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