Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Finhead's performing skills include:

-> Juggling fire, Machetes, 5 balls, Clubs, Eggs, other objects.

-> Fire Poi & Staff.

-> Fire Eating & Breathing.

-> Balancing most objects i.e. Axe, Rose, Bicycle, Chairs, Teaspoon, Bottle, Cutlery, Paintings, Fire-torches etc.

-> Blowing up hot water bottle with mouth until bursting.

-> Stilts & unicycle.

-> Rola-bola whilst juggling, balancing objects, playing violin.

-> Slack-rope walking, whilst juggling fire or knives, or playing violin.

-> Combinations of balancing & juggling, eg axe & fire or machetes, rose & fire etc.

-> Broom-stick dancing (devil stick).

-> General slapstick comedy & stunts.

-> Sit-ups with axe balanced on chin on Bed of Nails.

-> Playing violin while balancing rose on nose, axe on chin, on one knee or standing on rola-bola.

The above skills are available as separate acts, or combinations of acts, or as entire spectacles lasting up to 40 minutes in a festival or street performing environment. Any & all are suitable for stage, indoor, outdoor, street, corporate and cabaret, with music or speech according to requirement, and costuming to suit the theme of the event and performance. Some of the skills can be used as a roving performance aswell!

Audience participation is a specialty, but not necessary to any particular act!

So why not make your next event an extravaganza with Finhead!

Please Note:

Certain acts such as slack rope require a minimum area to set up.