Festive Factory

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Festive Factory-3

Roving Character available for hire, based in Victoria

2 Giant Butterflies

Butterflies, flutterbies ..but would you let her land on your shoulder? This spectacular, beautiful, giant butterfly has a 4x3metre wingspan encrusted in 4000 sequins - watch fantasy meet reality as she flies among your guests bringing smiles to their faces at your enchanted event. Watch out for that Catcher though, he might catch some of your food and wine! (or perhaps your imagination?!) The 'Magnificus Blue' can be found drinking nectre from nature (and pockets, and parcels), she is hunted by Herman the Explorer, or left to charm those within earshot with her magical concert flute.

Gruesome 2some

Never up the creek without a paddle,

The 'G2' have chainsaw-outboards, fishing tackle and legs to die for. ‘G2' can surf-ski your crowds, paddle thru dry venues or "GO-FOR-GOLD" in the board-room. Comic illusionary and interactive roaming characters, performing routines of Aquatic Skills on Dry Land!

Herman and Alex

Herman and Alex with their DOGS?

Herman & Alex are the most outrageous pet -owners you'll ever remember!

Their DOGS? "Knuckles" &"Squeegee" have run riotous all over the country, earning them the title of : "Magic, Mime & Mayhem Mutts"

Metro & Mercury, the Robots

Shock and Voltage!.. in a Playful way. These are the Party Starters for future fantasy.

Reflective Metal costumes, Laser Helmut and liquid Lycra body

Gosper, Spot and Clover the Mantis

This is a modern daydream time story about Spot, a rebellious warrior, who won’t listen to his elders and runs away from his tribe, burning down his family’s hut as he goes. Spot is banished from the village, and the story unfolds. Presented as an installation or show, this is an enchanting and mesmerising story, and an extraordinary display of the finest Marionette mastery in Australia. This show has toured throughout Europe to rave reviews, and is acclaimed as ‘a beautiful story that captures the hearts and minds of young and old’. Charming the Multitudes with Sound and Motion.

Bella, the Balloon Girl

BLOW, TWIST, SQUEEK, TWEEK, every creature is UNIQUE!

Bella Balloon Girl : a blast of compressed air, just waiting to escape in all shapes and sizes. She creates sculpted balloons with enough character to put on a show of their own.

"...Everyone loves to take home a squeaky, tweaky, blown and twisted friend!"


The crew of aerial "anchors" are skilled at extracting hi-res interviews and action footage of major sporting events. Bi-planes, cameras, and boom mics are constructed from PVC and foam latex. The crews’ skilled banter comes from sporting event experience, i.e. The Australian Tennis Open, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Game Celebrations!!


World famous face painter! Bablo mixes comic antics with the finest quality face paint, adds a little close-up magic and paints smiles onto the faces of walking canvases.

Parcel Marceau

Elephants lifted. Suitcases frozen Pianos tuned. IceCreams licked.

Olympic Events run. Lots of fun with a range of costumes from traditional to eccentric and happy to dress to suit your theme. Parcel also Good dollop of clown thrown in for nothing : )

Most recent touring has taken them to Singapore and Taiwan at the invitation of the Taiwanese Government for the 2001 "Taipei Children's Art Festival" as well International Puppetry Festivals in Czech Rep, Slovakia and Hungary, performing at Multi-million dollar puppet theatres and Refugee Camps. (2oo2)

Training includes:

Animate Theatre School of Corporeal Mime, London

J le Coq (Mime)