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Team Building available for hire, based in Australia wide

Interactive drumming creates unity in minutes. Quite simply, we bring people together. How we do it... well that’s the fun part!

With a team of professional musicians and a drum for each participant, Drum Circle Events facilitates a truly memorable, interactive musical experience. Before delegates arrive we set out on each individual chair, a traditional hand carved African Djembe drum.

The rhythm and pulse fills the airspace, the doors swing open and delegates enter. Picking up their drums in order to sit down, the group is immediately engaged. The introduction to the drum circle is completely non-verbal with our Facilitator orchestrating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Before long participants are singing, dancing and laughing together. United, uplifted and inspired!

Drum Circle Events services events nationwide for virtually all group sizes. Branded Drums - Mementos to Play and Keep!

Certain sizes of our gift drum range are playable in the actual drum circle experience and can be branded with your customized conference message, team motto or company logo. Silk screen and clear sticker options available.

"It was all about working together as a group which is exactly what we were after.We are all still talking about it!" Sandy Rose, MLC

"I cannot stress how amazing this experience was." Alex Marbeck, Schlumberger Limited

"We all had a blast! I was a little worried that some weren't going to be into it as others,but I was wrong! It was great to see everyone get up and have a boogie, especially the managers!" Belinda Mekis, AGL Energy