Dr Feelgood

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Cover Band available for hire, based in New South Wales

Ladies and gentlemen, this is REAL! No backing tapes, no drum machine, no faked enthusiasm. DR FEELGOOD are LIVE and THEY WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU!!!

They play the smoothest of soul, the hottest disco, and funk with a groove so deep your body has no option but to slide onto the dance floor and get down!

If you've got a venue to fill, then you need a real band playing music the way it's meant to be played… with SOUL… and if you're looking for the band that knows what it means to party, you've found it!!!

DR FEELGOOD is massive stage energy made up of 10 experienced musicians with thousands of gigs under their belts. These guys are HOT! Having played at 'Olympic Stadium' to 'The Basement' and everywhere in between. With absolute professionalism DR FEELGOOD will work with you to create a party atmosphere like no other. For themed events, they will dress accordingly and play the part. If you have requests in mind for the night, they are more than happy to oblige.

Whatever your requirements, DR FEELGOOD will go to any lengths to make your night AMAZING!

Prescribe yourself a dose of the Doctor!