Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

After stumbling wildly in the darkness of cover band hell for many years, 5 talented muso's finally managed to get together beside the Mighty (muddy) Yarra River, for the express purpose of Rocking Southbank.

As a one, two, three, four and five piece they have played in various pubs in and round Melbourne, including "The Spot" in Brunswick, "The Railway" in North Melbourne, "The Telegraph" in Gisbourne, "World Bar Restaurant" on South Bank, "Gebung" in Flemington, and "The Keepers Arms" near Vic Market, and yet they are still probably best known as "those awesome buskers on Southbank".

The band consists of:

Ben - Lead vocals/Guitar

Ricky (Bens brother) - Bass Guitar and Harmonies

Ben - Bongo/Drums

Daniel - Guitar and backing vocals

Kristy - Lead and Backing Vocals