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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

With an explosiveness that can only be described as amazing the American rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, actor, model, dancer, dj & entrepreneur (did you catch all of that) has been compared on many levels to the late great Michael Jackson (RIP).

Ultra smooth vocals, captivating dance moves mixed with a lyrical flow that could go head to head with the greatest rappers out there pivots Chosen Effect into an elite class of his own.

The once Sony signed recording artist & now proudly Vircenia Records asset has performed with some of the best in the business such as Rap Superstar Ja Rule, the Prodigy, Jessica Mauboy & the list goes on.

After a long break from releasing new music Chosen Effect has finally risen again with the much anticipated release of his new single “TONIGHT” from the forthcoming “RESURRECTION” album.


“If you have yet to watch Chosen Effect perform live then you are missing out on something truly special!”

Chosen Effect has performed in sold out capacity venues around the world but one thing you will notice is whether he is performing in front of 50 screaming fans or 50,000 the show is consistantly energized with a intensity that will captivate all who watch him in action. This phenomenom is known as “THE EFFECT” or in its abbreviated form “CHOSEN EFFECT”.

Chosen Effect has been known to say that he never feels at home until he is on stage. “The bright lights, bass booming through the speakers, tons of screaming fans...Im at home” Chosen Effect says with his boyish charm. Having a dance background & one of the most outgoing personalitys of anyone you will ever meet has given Chosen Effect the ability to engage the crowd in breathtaking ways.


Chosen Effect was born loving music & has always enjoyed all aspects of the song creation process. He grew up playing the piano & drums in the church & made his first original song at age 6.

Chosen Effect has always been one to make music for the love of music & has always said that even if he was on a deserted island he would still find a way to fulfill his passion of making music.

A songwriter, composer & producer, Chosen Effect writes & produces all of his own music & has created tons of songs for other artist around the world.

Besides producing chart music that has covered all genres, Chosen Effects music can also be heard in Playstation games & movie soundtracks.

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