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World Music available for hire, based in Victoria

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra was formed in 1982 in Melbourne, and is the largest non-profit, registered Chinese orchestra in Australia. Its aim is to promote traditional Chinese culture and music in Australia.

Since its inception, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra has been constantly striving to raise its standards. In the past 31 years, come rain or shine, rehearsals were held every Monday at the Music Department, University of Melbourne.

The goal is to achieve the best performance outcome at every concert. In order to fulfill its aim, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra regularly organizes performances and workshops at various schools and community venues to introduce Chinese musical instruments to the public.

Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra is also active in charity fund-raising in aid of natural disasters and has been guests at various radio stations to perform on charity events. The orchestra’s repertoires cover both traditional and contemporary music, including new arrangements of world classics and new approaches to performing Australian folk songs.

Thanks to continuing support, the orchestra has not only delivered traditional Chinese culture to mainstream society, but has matured into a unique force, adding colour to the multicultural scene of Melbourne.

The highlight for Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra in 2012, apart from its very successful commemorative 30th annual concert at Melbourne Town Hall, was the invitation by Melbourne Arts Centre, to perform with eight other community arts groups at “Raising the Roof”, the grand opening event of the new Hamer Concert Hall.

In addition to holding annual concerts and participating in local community activities, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra often collaborates with other leading overseas Chinese orchestras to foster cultural exchange. Through such activities, the orchestra is now a well-known “overseas Chinese orchestra”. So far, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra has jointly performed with various Chinese orchestras in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Besides audio and video recordings of annual concerts, Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra has produced a special CD featuring the Anthem “Advance Australia Fair” performed using traditional Chinese musical instruments. A double CD set with selected tracks from live recordings of past concerts was produced to commemorate the 30th Anniversary concert in 2012.