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Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

Caleb Garfinkel describes himself as ‘one engaged in the act of musical creation, discussion and education’ as the term ‘musician’ was just too limiting. An adaptable and versatile guitarist, singer, composer, arranger, teacher and scholar, Caleb never quite feels he’s doing enough.

Equally comfortable on an electric, acoustic or classical guitar Caleb plays a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz, classical, folk, funk, flamenco, gypsy jazz, pop, rock, minimalism, electronica, R&B and country. When not touring and performing in multiple projects around metropolitan and regional Victoria, Caleb composes and arranges for musicals, and researches ways to incorporate the guitar with his many musical interests.

The past few years have seen Caleb perform in many different scenarios, including rock and pop bands, flamenco/Irish duos, minimal jazz bands, acoustic cover duos, large Motown revues, funk trios and musical orchestras. His first love however will always be the unaccompanied sound of guitar strings, and he is constantly finding ways to create as much music as possible on a single guitar.

With a desire to create beautiful and lyrical music, Caleb Garfinkel brings supreme degree of musicality and wide array of influences to every incarnation of his performing self whether as a cover musician, singer/songwriter, solo guitar player, session musician, or band member.