Bogan Bingo

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Team Building available for hire, based in Victoria

Bogan Bingo is the perfect mix of comedy, music and crowd interaction. If you like the idea of your friends, punters or colleagues making a fool of themselves at your next function as they play air guitar to "3 and 9, Sweet Child Of Mine", or "2 and 7, Stairway to Heaven", Bogan Bingo may just be the night for you.

More than your usual karaoke or trivia night, Bogan Bingo includes air guitar competitions, the wheel of death, pick a box, and continual ‘boganised’ versions of all your favourite bingo calls. For the punters, free drinks, tins of spam, rubber chickens and cheap porn are just a taste of the glory that comes from yelling out "BLOODY BINGO!"

Perfect for corporate team building events and exercises!

"Everyone kept asking, 'where did you find these guys??' I'm glad I took my friend's advice."

"The guys were great. We had some concerns about their language but we were a lot worse than them!"