Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

Featuring eight members from the original Ricky Loca band, BigCityBeat takes professional showmanship to yet another level. With an emphasis on fun, energy and audience interaction, BigCityBeat will keep you dancing all night whilst making you feel like you’re a part of the show!

The overwhelming feeling that BigCityBeat exudes is great musicianship coupled with an unbridled sense of fun on stage. They generate enthusiasm and energy but remain true to musical accuracy.

Whilst many acts may exhibit some of these qualities, very few have all of them jam packed in one spectacular show. With the members that formed the nucleus of Ricky Loca and now BigCityBeat, they have entertained clients all over Australia & abroad.

An excellent choice for a range of functions from business events to music events to private special events.

Music Samples

Male Medley
Female Medley


Song list