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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Beven commenced his musical career at the age of 11 on Channel 10’s national television show Young Talent Time. That’s where he spent the next six years as a household name and one of Australia’s favourite ‘team members’.

He has held lead roles on the stage (Carmen Miranda, Seven Little Australians) and also produces, records and writes music.

Beven has a unique voice that was once reviewed as ‘a strong voice that can effortlessly handle big ballads or quiet and intimate songs… this boy can really sing…’ (Show Magazine, New York).

Beven has been singing on the live circuit for over ten years and is a regular performer at Melbourne’s Crown Casino and the lead vocalist in Peter Sullivans Big Band singing alongside some of Australia’s great. He has extensive corporate and television experience including Foxtel’s The Hub, Cavalcade of Stars and Good Morning Australia.

Beven will perform all time favourite hits from musicals through out the ages. His stunning renditions will leave you begging for more.