Contemporary drum and dance ensemble, ZAZU, present a colourful and energetic performance of rhythm, movement and song inspired by the party music of Africa, Latin America and the Carribean

With an impressive display of primitive and modern instruments, they combine their knowledge of jazz and contemporary music with studies under African drumming and dancing masters abroad.

ZAZU bring a new fusion of uplifting tribal beats and rich, melodic flute and song.

They specialize in roving outdoor, all acoustic performance with traditional dance if required. They have played at a variety of functions, both private and corporate and appear at festivals throughout Australia. Their versatile repertoire makes them flexible to the requirements of the event and venue.

Zazu is a 6 piece ensemble which includes two dancers, however they can perform as a 3 or 4 piece for smaller roving performances.

Instruments Include:

Djembe - African Lead Drum

Dhundhun - African Bass Drum

Congas - Latin Drums

Bongos - Latin Drums

Grin - African log drum

Kora - African Harp


Bells, Shakers

Drum Kit

Acoustic Bass

Silver flute

Bamboo flutes