Live music with attitude! A rousing musical journey from the kitchen to the boardroom. With plenty of heart, a stack of soul and a modicum of cheek, singers Libby O'Donovan, Naomi Eyers, Melissa McCaig and Lee McAllistair explore exactly what it means to be Women with Standards in the new millennium. So, are diamonds still a girl's best friend? Should you stand by your man? Well, fortunately, we have four of Australias greatest voices to tell us. Naomi Eyers, Libby O'Donovan, Melissa McCraig and Lee McAllistair stamp their authority on the standard song of the 20th century written by such luminaries as Gershwin, Porter, Sondheim and eve the Bee Gees. Women With Standards premiered in June 2004 with a sell-out and critically acclaimed season as the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and has since been featured at the 2004 Feast Festival, a " triumphant return season" at the 2005 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. "Four women with great voices and a song list of classics, is a recipe for a great night out, but these four with their glittering stage presence and subversive rewriting of familiar lyrics, make it a world-class event" - THE ADVERTISER