Looking for some hilarious new, meet ‘n’ greet entertainment? Then check out the Wobbly Waiters!

Costumed as 5 star silver service waiters the Wobblies blend in perfectly with other venue staff and interact with guests through the service of food and beverage. It doesn’t take long for guests to start realizing that these waiters are not your normal function staff.

As the performance continues and becomes more interactive, they may cordon off guests with safety tape due to a stray bread crumb, issue on the spot penalties for breaches of function etiquette or try to sell duty free goods from their recent trip to Hong Kong. Look out for the waiter with the tray of swaying champagne glasses or the one tasting the canapés for OH&S reasons.

Wobbly Waiters ….. Their performance will make you absolutely wobble with laughter!

Please note – 60 minute roving performance