The guy who was the Star of the smash hit musical Singin' In the Rain, won a Mo Award as best Performer of the year 2005 & 2002.

He runs up walls, walks on his hands and generally has the audience begging for more!!

Wayne has gained a reputation for being part of the new, exciting breed of Cabaret performers. His stage presence, talent and versatility make for exciting entertainment. A high energy, sophisticated show, Wayne has the talent to captivate his audience. He will sing, dance, tap, serenade you and …leave you wanting more.

CHICAGO....and all that Jazz.

"Ladies and Gentleman, you are about to see a story of murder, greed, corruption and treachery - all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts"

The costumes are sexually manipulative - colour black and skin.

Featuring Sharon Millerchip opening with a with short 1 min. overture as per show / movie where you have the cast of very sexy dancers weave their way through the audience ( dancing / parading / setting up the scene) and finishing on stage to "reveal" Sharon ( a -la-Catherine Zeta-Jones ) into ALL THAT JAZZ backed by the dancers - very sexy and a big note finish from Sharon.....Straight into CELL BLOCK TANGO featuring Sharon and the female dancers. Very strong and very Hot!( one of / if not the best routine in the movie)

We then quicken the pace with a Swing Jazz number Sing Sing Sing featuring the amazing tap talents of some of the best Tap Dancers in the country. Seg-way into a groovy jazz feel with nobody but me, and following it would be time to "get dirty" with some very cool / funky " Tap Dancing" this would feature the guys (some of who are ex- Tap Dogs) dancing along side Wayne and finish with a combo of Tricks and Acid Tap Dance. (This routine usually has the audience on their feet) and finish with the full cast in a big Razzle Dazzle Finale.