Warwick Merry is a gifted professional speaker, consultant and a leading authority in aiding individuals and organisations to live their passion. He is the founder of Get More, an organisation dedicated to igniting an inexhaustible passion for life in people.

Warwick has lived his message. He knows that it is essential for people build a life based on choices, not on “shoulds”. Warwick made the choice to turn his own life around, from working long hours in corporate

Australia and failing to take care of his health, Warwick has built a successful business working less hours and losing over twenty kilos in the process.

Warwick has impacted the lives of thousands of people through his keynote addresses, workshops and programs. His mission is to help people find their passion, take action, and make their lives, their

companies, and ultimately their communities, better and more productive. Warwick consistently receives outstanding feedback for his candid and practical approach to communicating key principles with a human touch. It is his unique ability to transform people's lives in a short period of time that has made Warwick a highly sought after speaker and facilitator.

Warwick’s sessions are full of energy with fun and practical examples of how to implement the new skills he shares with you. Each participant will leave his session entertained, educated and with tips, tools and techniques to Get More.

Warwick’s Topics

Warwick customises all his presentations to ensure they meet your business need. They also come with a 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk for you.

Popular topics include:

Get More Energy

The current demand on our people is high. We need to get more and more done with less - less time and less resources. How do you maintain a high level of energy in a healthy manner? How can you remain focussed on what needs to be done without caffeine, energy drinks and other short term stimulus?

In this session, find easy steps to build an energy supply in your life. One that is sustainable for the long term. Discover how removing energy drains from your day helps you Get More Results and feel fabulous about who you are and what you are working to achieve.

Get More from Choice

People get trapped in a world of “shoulds”. There is so much we all think we “should” do and we miss out on the things that we want to do. Discover how to stop “shoulding” on yourself. Take home the foundation steps to live your life based on Choice. Take back your personal power and choose what you want to be, do and have.

Be a Goal Getter, not just a Goal Setter

Sick of writing lists of goals that rarely come to pass? Want to know one simple thing it takes to Get your goals? Then this is the session for you. It is full of straight forward, no nonsense ways to Get your Goals and enjoy more success in your personal and professional life.

Get More from Change

Sometimes we get change thrust upon us, sometimes we willingly alter our habits and ourselves. This session looks at change. What is it? How do we do it? What if we don’t like it? How do we deal with it? How will it help me? Wherever you are at with change in your life, both personally and professionally, this session will show you how to easily Get More from Change.


The content of your presentation was perfectly aligned with what we wanted to achieve with the conference. The fact that the content was so rich and gave all the attendees definite actions and outcomes was fabulous. Your style of presenting was also remarkable. It was so engaging, I am certain many of the attendees wanted to kidnap you and take you home!! I don’t think I have seen such a passionate and energetic presenter before. Our delegates could not help but enjoy themselves.Your down to earth nature meant that not only was your presentation fabulous, but it was also effortless to deal with you. Your flexibility meant that it was far easier to us to plan the structure of the conference and deal with you on the day. I would strongly recommend you to anyone looking for a high content, high energy speaker and I hope to use you again in the not too distant future.

Tricia Margrie,

International Conference Liaison Officer

Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP)

As a motivational speaker Warwick has a great personality for drawing the crowd and keeping them interested. We’d recommend him to anyone looking for an entertaining speaker providing interesting topics beyond dull technical or business orientated presentations.

Chris Muir

Victorian President

Australian Oracle Users Group

Warwick I just had to write to say thank you for the fantastic job you did last night as the MC for the AIOP Office Professional Of The Year dinner. I had heard that you were a great MC following on from some work you did for colleagues but I was blown away by the job you carried out. As I mentioned to you I was expecting things to run a little over their allocated time but you kept everything on track, including me! I am not used to having someone keep the show on track and follow up with all aspects of what is happening in the room as you did last night. It made the night so easy for me and I could relax and be one of the attendees and not the organiser.

I need to thank you on behalf of the sponsors also. As you know it is difficult to get people on board to sponsor us as an organisation and an event like that one. Your continual mentioning of the sponsors in a manner that did not detract from the evening brought the attendees awareness to their services as well as complimenting the sponsors in the process. Several of them came up to me afterwards and expressed their gratitude for your work. Most importantly was the vibe you created in the room last night. We were there to have some fun and celebrate the achievements of the Office Professional Of The Year and you made sure that the event not only ran smoothly, but also helped create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for everyone. I could not recommend your services highly enough.

Yvette Jean

Victorian Division President and National Director

Australian Institute of Office Professionals

Thank you so much for your facilitation of our Leadership and Coaching Workshop for the senior management team. After your previous work for us, I had high expectations. You not only met those expectations, but exceeded them significantly. The way you were able to take what seemed like a 1- minute casual chat with myself about some of our key issues the company is facing and then thread those issues throughout the day in a way that had everyone nodding in agreement was fantastic. The day gave us some significant action items to improve the way we manage and coach our teams. The opportunity for discussions within the team on certain leadership styles, problems we were having and creating the environment to learn from others experience was a benefit I had not expected. Thanks again for an incredibly valuable day.

Steve Maritz

Managing Director

Lundbeck Australia

After seeing you in action and hearing all of the positive reports from others who went, I am astounded at your continued high level of energy and enthusiasm for what Esanda is working towards achieving. You continued to be very dynamic and enabled all members of the audience to understand the concepts you were communicating and know how to apply them in their lives – both professionally and personally. I am certain that following the work you have done, many of the staff will be far happier and more productive as they perform their job roles. Again, I want to thank you for the invaluable work you have done. Your efforts and style has ensured that Esanda has received significant value out of this process.

Peter McMahon

Managing Director

Esanda Finance