Few would not know of Walter Mikac’s story. The loss of his wife and two young daughters at the Port Arthur shootings in Tasmania in 1996, touched the world.

In the years that followed, Walter channelled his grief into a purpose. He wrote books, lobbied for gun law reform, and helped set up a charity, The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation for child victims of crime.

He has been named a National Living Treasure and has spoken at the National Press Club.

Walter is now remarried with a daughter and is sharing his insights through keynote speaking, workshops and mentoring, with the focus on:

Unlocking your potential

Walter reveals the key strategies to surviving challenges to create extraordinary outcomes. His timeless message can be applied to all corporate and personal challenges. Drawing on his personal journey Walter shows clients how to tap into their own strengths and be unstoppable.

Walter is happy to customise his talks to whatever learning outcome is required.

"I want to share with others how empowering it is to overcome the unthinkable and reach your full potential. How to live life without regrets," Walter says.