How do you describe our performance? Wacky....Crazy......Infectious! What is our secret recipe? Well we start by saturating you with sequins, add music you can relate to and throw in a healthy dose of comedy and audience participation. Mix all ingredients well, set timer for approximately 30 minutes and we guarantee a fantastic result. Wacky offer a variety of shows to meet your individual requirements. From subtle background music to a raucous interactive floor show, we love nothing more than being musically challenged by your guests and yes ..... we can play Smoke on the Water!

Skin Dive Jive

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ......

Skin Dive Jive are Australia's answer to the Love Boat! They combine music, water and dancing flippers to create a truly contagious aquatic experience. Grab your "Rubber Ducky" and set sail aboard our "Yellow Submarine" on a voyage of "Titanic" entertainment proportions. We guarantee to have you "Singing in the rain!"

Music Aquatica

What do you get when you mix failed synchronised swimmers with musical instruments and goggles? You guessed it, Music Aquatica! Having just returned from their successful "Dancing not Drowning" tour of Central Australian Life Saving Clubs, Music Aquatica are ready to hit the beach this summer ruthlessly enforcing their unique code of beach etiquette. If water is your theme then Music Aquatica is for you.

Viva Lost Elvis

Thanks to DNA technology The King is back - Four times! Dressed in the world's coolest jumpsuits, Viva Lost Elvis perform all the classics from the era of The King. Watch jaws drop and grown Grandmas cry before a note is even played. Their performance will leave you stunned, exhausted and perhaps confused! No one is left the same once Viva Lost Elvis has left the building. Thank you very much...... Uha!

Wacky Christmas

Welcome to the Wacky Christmas Family. Ho Ho Ho! Whether they're tootin', singing or just greeting you at the door our characters and musicians will bring out the fun side of Christmas. Get into the real spirit of Christmas. Challenge the plum pudding to an eat off, admire our amazing Christmas tree and guess what's inside the present. And .....if you party is missing a real turkey then hire ours! For individual character pictures please select from the Christmas Act Menu on your left.

Roaming Romans

Caesar Salad, Nero Nuff, Brutus Champagnus and Cuddly the Lion have landed in Australia. Get caught up in a tarentella, participate in the Wacky Olympics an admire our sexy togas!

Be warned Australia, the Romans are on the Roam!

Mango Tango

Get set for a completely different carnivale experience. Brandishing both instruments and bananas, this flaunting foursome lace their performance with laughter and will put the cha cha back into your day. Mango Tango prove once and for all that fruit and vegies are good for you! What ever your pleasure, your desire, your delight, Mango Tango and their bananas will brighten up your night! Ariva, Ariva, Andale ...Let’s Fiesta!

Windy Kilts

Introducing the clan McWacky! Brandishing not totally traditional Scottish instruments these kilted madmen add their own touch to all the classic hits from the highlands of the Loch Ness region. Music, marching and lots of laughs are guaranteed and if you’ve ever wondered what Scotsman wear under their kilts then stay tuned. .......Argh!.

Aerial Orkestra

Wacky has grown into a big band. A Very Big Band! In fact, each member is about 9 ft tall and takes the art of performing to new heights. The Aerial Orkestra play an infectious brand of music that guarantees to get toes tapping and turn heads to the sky. If you are tired of not being able to see around that large man in the front row then the Aerial Orkestra is for you. The Aerial Orkestra will raise your expectation, lift your spirits, and to top it all off help you find your car!

Giddy Up

....rrrrrrrrRacing! And they’re off....... This Racey quartet has a fantastic track record. Join us for all the fun of race day. Be amidst the excitement of the mounting yard, request a song from across the rails and be there at the photo finish. The grandstand will erupt as our jockeys rush past the post and their music is guaranteed to whip you into a punting frenzy.

This years “Fashions on the Field” will turn heads as these silky and stylish fellows show great form galloping down the straight. Despite frighteningly long odds and unique riding style, you can always bet on this Quadrella for your special day!

But wait!... oh no ... “toot, bang, bop, crash,” ... there has been a protest, all before the first hurdle! We’ll see you on race day to find out what happens.

Wacky Chefs

Dinner Time! The Wacky Chef's are out of the kitchen and cooking up a feast of toe tapping entrees, swinging mains and cool deserts. They'll have you coming back for seconds.

Wacky Cirque

Super Fans

WARNING! If too much football is never enough then you just might be a SUPER FAN!

These weekend fanatics live, wear and breathe football. As self-appointed custodians of the game they tackle all the hard issues…one week at a time. And as for footy tunes, they know ‘em all!

The Super Fans – when following one team just isn’t enough!

Winter Wonderland

Think you are a good skier? Then try doing it with a tuba, sax or drum in your hands! Let us bring a little warmth to your next winter themed function.


Direct from their sellout shows from the Curry in a Hurry Festival, Wackywood are ready to raga. Hear classics by the Sikhers, sing along to Korma Chameleon and be moved by their version of the Karachi Granola suite. Wackywood - they're hot, spicy, and very, very Wacky!